About Me

Agro-industrial Cooperative brothers Khargani with registration number 4733, followed by a half century of experience in the field of agriculture and packaging, storing, and exporting fruits decided to set up a factory in 1390 as Corporate ID 0410329326 in the field of plastic Noyan production of plastic parts and industries including transport cart and packaging of agricultural products began.

The company also initiated the use of force and experienced local professionals in the field of plastic and cooperation with reputable foreign companies in the field of mold and machinery manufacturing technology in the world with a variety Vbkargyry its product portfolio objectment into 5 groups of the basket and boxes transport and packaging of agricultural, industrial packaging, boxes of milk and dairy products, kitchenware, crockery in various colors and quality products according to the needs of the market and the consumer market.

Also participating in the service in the field of plastic injection machines and advanced technology and experienced staff and 3,000 meters of warehouse space suitable for injection molding accept orders for all kinds of people, companies, institutions and private, from the weight 10 gr to 2 kg of quality and competitive prices in the shortest time there.

The company now has the resources and technology to produce plastic products with production of more than 30,000 pieces a day, especially fruit baskets and industrial new step in accordance with quality products and new and the needs of consumers's taste removed.

Hope that we can play an effective role in the development and prosperity of our industry.